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Lunge Forward

Thanksgiving day my brothers and I woke up at dusk and hiked twelve miles into the Grand Canyon backcountry.  We stayed for two nights, I lost five pounds and we all nearly fell of a cliff at one point or another.

Peering over the edge, about 1/4 mile below the South Rim. Grandview Trail.

First Campsite at Dawn. Westward View.

Sunrise. Tonto Trail. 12 miles from rim, 500 feet above river. Eastward View

Hance Rapids, Colorado River

Sunrise, day 2. View of South Rim from western side of Hance Canyon.

Heavy fog east of Horseshoe Mesa, Hance Canyon in distance. About 3.5 miles from the rim.

Westward view, Eastern ridge of Mineral Canyon.

Michael FalcoGrand Canyon